Naya Restaurant & Lounge is an establishment that makes a difference in the food and beverage sector with its menu, atmosphere and prestige. Our group, which works with the basic objectives of catching the best in quality, always reaching the best and developing, always keeps the value of human resources at the highest level by contributing to the professional and personal development of its employees with the trainings it provides to its team.


    Beef tenderloin cooked sous vide, fresh fennel cream, potato fondant, dömiglasse sauce, roast green courgette, fresh coriander oil, mushroom powder, garlic and potato chips.
  • Elder Swan
    Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Fresh Ginger Homemade Cucumber & Honey Cordial, Sweat & Sour, Tonic.
  • Tournedos Rossini
    Veal tenderloin, jus sauce, duxelle mushrooms, slice of toasted bread in clarified butter, baby spinach, chives, foie gras.
  • Lotus
    Sea Cowpea Infused Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Homemade Sour Apple Mix, Cardamom.
  • Lamb Karski
    Rested lamb fillet, lamb jus sous, onion cream, fresh asparagus, edamame, oysters and mushrooms, cinnamon pepper corn sauce.
  • Sakura
    Kekik Infuse Cin, Aperol, Jagermeister, Hibiscus Stevia, Greyfurt Cordial, Aquafaba.
  • Cottelatte Milanese
    Clarified butter-fried veal cutlet, rocket, colourful tomato salad, fermented green olives, caper chips, grilled lemon.
  • Spicy Botanica
    Spice Infuse Whiskey, Lime Juice, Stevia, Aquafaba.
    Salmon fillet wrapped in gum gourd, micro sprouts, beetroot powder, warm beluga lentil salad, avocado sauce, roasted coloured cherry tomatoes, bourre blanch sauce.
    Mezcal, Fermented Cornelian Cherries, Flavored Red Wine, Lime Juice, Sugar Syrup.


Çankaya, Atakule, 06800 Çankaya/Ankara
Opening Hours:
Every Day : 11:30 – 01:00
0 546 418 08 08
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